Sanjaya Gunarathna

Animator, Graphic Designer & Contemporary Artist

Sanjaya Gunarathna is an award winning Animation artist.  Also he has expertise in painting, graphic designing  and video editing. 



As a highly skilled and versatile artist deeply passionate about animation and storytelling, he bring over 16 years of expertise in crafting mesmerizing 2D animations across diverse domains including children’s cartoons, educational content, and impactful marketing campaigns. His career is defined by a unique fusion of creative vision, technical finesse, and a collaborative ethos, driving the creation of captivating character animations, compelling storyboards, concept layouts, and immersive character rigging.

His forte lies in breathing life into characters and scenes, wielding a proven ability to infuse compelling visuals that resonate deeply with audiences. He thrive within collaborative environments, embodying a detail-oriented approach while consistently delivering high-quality work within stringent timelines.

It is my belief that nature is the eternal truth in the world.


Animation Showreel

Rotoscope Animation

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Postal: PO Box 2, Kottawa, 10220, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 77 364 8764