Sanjaya Gunarathna is a contemporary artist. He has expertise in painting, animations, graphic designing and video editing. He was born on 18 January 1980 in Panadura, Sri Lanka as the eldest child in the family. His father Priya Ranjan Gunarathna was a music teacher and mother Weerawaradhana Manel Silva was a dancing teacher. Narendra Gunarathna, who is a musician, is his younger brother and his younger sister is Dhananji Gunarathna, who is an art teacher. Sanjaya was obsessed with drawing and painting as a kid with the influence of his grandfather Weerawaradhana Saldin Silva, who was a well-known local artist. He completed primary studies at Thurstan College and secondary studies at Nalanda College in Colombo. Sanjaya was a very popular student due to his incredible talent in art.

After finishing college education he attended a three-year course of Traditional Art Work which was conducted by the Cultural Department under the guidance of Mr. S.P Charles, who was a renowned artist in Sri Lanka. During that training course, Sanjaya sharpened his skills in different aspects of art including traditional art conservation and restoration, life drawing, sculpture and landscape drawing. Sanjaya’s styles are Expressionism Art, Modern art, Abstract art. He successfully completed the course with a 1st Division Certificate. Sanjaya was influenced by Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci.

Sanjaya started his art career by joining as an intern in an advertising agency owned by Anura Srinath, who is well-known artist, painter, illustrator and cartoonist in Sri Lanka. After gaining some valuable hands-on experience and insight in the commercial arts, he developed a fascination with the newly emerging capabilities of computer generated graphics. Meanwhile, Sanjaya demonstrated his artistic abilities by working as an assistant director for the Sinhala Teledrama, “The Next Generation” as well. Later on he joined Samanala Creations, as an amateur animation artist and played a huge role in creating “Seeyage Katha” which is regarded as the first Sinhala Cartoon DVD with Digital Dolby Surrounding System that was ever produced in Sri Lanka.

While working as an animation artist Sanjaya developed a keen interest in the field of digital art. He acquired the necessary skills and experience in different drawing software and later, became a self-taught digital artist.

In 2011, Sanjaya joined National Rupavahini (TV) Corporation, Sri Lanka and has been working there as an 2D Animation & Graphic Artist. He made a valuable contribution to the creation of popular animation programs, publicity/promotional advertisements which were recognized and won awards at the State Television Arts Awards Ceremony on number of occasions. He won the state award for the Best Animator at the 15th Sri Lankan Television State Awards. Also, Sanjaya participated in a training program at The Korean Broadcasting System sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). His first solo art exhibition held at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka from 24 to 26 February 2023.

Country Year Award Ceremony Category Work Result
Sri Lanka 2020 15th Sri Lankan Television State Awards Best Animation Pimbuna Gemba Won
Sri Lanka 2018 14th Sri Lankan Television State Awards Best Advertising / Promotional Advertisements Be Careful Nominated
Sri Lanka 2018 14th Sri Lankan Television State Awards Best Advertising / Promotional Advertisements Parissamin Gihin Enna – Hawa Nominated
Sri Lanka 2018 14th Sri Lankan Television State Awards Best Animation Oxygen nathi Vitadee (When there is No Oxygen) Nominated
Sri Lanka 2016 13th Sri Lankan Television State Awards Best Animation Prem & Fredy Won
Sri Lanka 2016 Raigam Tele Awards Best Television Children Program Animation Hitiyath Hondata Hadi Deviyoth Namata Wandi Won

There is no real benefit of this development causing destruction of nature. Looking at today’s society, it is evident that there is a tendency for people to suffer from excessive mental stress, epidemics, and cancer.

Sanjaya Gunarathna